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2018 Trip of the Month Vacation Giveaway

2018 is the 6th season for the new Choteau Lions Swim Pool. Since the new pool opened in 2013, completion projects and additional improvements have been a work in progress. The Choteau Lions Swim Team families and the Lions hosted a swim meet in June 2017 at the Choteau Lions Swim Pool for the first time in many years. In July 2018, Choteau hosted the Divisional Swim Meet. The Choteau Lions Club continues to sell engraved bathhouse wall tiles to fund the pool’s long-term repair and replacement expenses. The main source of funding for the pool’s annual operating costs is the Choteau Lions Trip-of-the-Month vacation giveaway program. This project has been the lifeblood of support for pool operation and maintenance for the past 24 years.

Since the new pool opened in 2013, the average annual operating expense for the 90-day swim season has been approximately $47,000. The average annual income for the pool from swim passes, lessons and snack sales has been approximately $21,500. The difference of approximately $25,500 is made up by the Choteau Lions Club from the annual fundraising projects. In 2017 the Choteau Lions Club also paid for capital equipment purchases and repairs of $8,718. In 2017, the net income from the Trip-of-the-Month fundraiser was $22,300.

The Choteau Lions Swim Pool is the last remaining pool in Montana that is managed and financially supported by a civic organization. The Choteau Lions Club has a long and dedicated tradition of caring for the pool. Through its annual fundraising projects such as the “Trip-of-the-Month” vacation giveaway, golf tournament, Choteau Lions Community Birthday Calendar and the many hours of volunteer time at the pool, the Lions hope to continue to help the City provide safe and healthy summer swim opportunities without large taxpayer expense. Many of the surrounding communities in Montana are struggling to keep their community pools open and a few have actually had to close in 2018. The Choteau Lions Club depends on the financial support of the community to continue subsidizing pool operation expenses.

The Choteau Lions Club members sincerely hope you enjoy the chance to win a wonderful vacation, while you help to make Choteau a great place to live and visit. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.