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Kicking Off the 31st Annual Choteau Lions Vacation Giveaway Project

The Choteau Lions Club is thrilled to announce the launch of the 31st Annual Choteau Lions Club Trip of the Month Raffle marking another exciting chapter in our community’s support for the beloved Choteau Lions Club Pool! As we dive into the 2024 swim season, we celebrate the pool’s 12th year since its grand re-opening in 2013. This vital community resource has flourished under the dedicated management and financial support of the Choteau Lions Club since 1934.

Our pool is more than just a place to swim—it’s a hub of activity, learning, and recreation. From swim lessons and swim team practices to lap swimming and countless hours of fun, the pool provides endless opportunities for our community to stay active and engaged. Despite the challenges that rural communities in Montana face in maintaining public pools, we are determined to keep this cherished facility open and thriving. This effort is made possible through the unwavering support of our community, the dedication of our volunteers, and the tireless fundraising efforts of the Choteau Lions Club.

One of our most impactful fundraising initiatives is the Choteau Lions Club Trip of the Month project. For over three decades, this project has been the primary source of funding for the pool’s yearly operating expenses. The generous contributions from both local community members and supporters from beyond Choteau have been instrumental in our success. The raffle offers participants a chance to win a fabulous vacation for two each month, thanks to our collaboration with Main Connection Travel Agency, now based in Havre.

This year winners can choose between a $2,500 Main Connection travel voucher or a $1,500 cash prize, making it an enticing opportunity for everyone involved. This year, approximately 300 tickets have been mailed to past supporters who get the first chance to purchase a ticket. Tickets are also available through Choteau Lions Club members. Our dedicated members are reaching out to new and former participants, but if you haven’t been contacted and wish to join in, you can find information brochures and tickets with any Lions Club member. Feel free to contact our project committee co-chairmen, Lion Clayton Ketcham at 406-466-2412 or Lion Tom Rogers at 406-466-5326, with any questions.

Every dollar of profit from this program goes directly to the Choteau Lions Club, supporting the pool and other vital civic and charity projects in our community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who contribute to this project, making a significant difference in maintaining our pool and enriching Choteau. While only 12 lucky participants will win a monthly prize, we believe everyone who purchases a ticket is a true “WINNER” for making such a valuable donation. Together, we are ensuring that the Choteau community pool remains a vibrant and essential part of our lives.

Join us in this exciting endeavor, and let’s make a splash for our community!