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Choteau Lions Club’s New Constitution and Bylaws

The Choteau Lions Club is thrilled to announce the adoption of our newly-updated Constitution and Bylaws. As a club dedicated to serving our community and enhancing our operations, this essential update reflects our commitment to best practices and to the principles of Lions International. The new governance documents follow the Lions International Club Constitution and Bylaws template, with a couple of key modifications that honor our longstanding local practices.

Key Modifications:

  1. Biennial Elections/Officer Terms: Unlike the standard annual cycle, we have codified our tradition of holding officer elections every two years, ensuring a smoother transition between leadership teams and allowing for strategic continuity.
  2. Four-Year Director Terms: We extended the alternating director terms to four years, reinforcing stability and continuity in decision-making while providing ample time for directors to implement meaningful initiatives.

Hosting on Gitbooks:

You can now access these updated documents easily and conveniently via our new Gitbooks platform at By hosting them on Gitbooks instead of our WordPress website, we can offer a modern, user-friendly platform that:

  • Improves Accessibility: The intuitive and responsive design adapts to any device, making it easier for all our members and stakeholders to stay informed.
  • Enhances Searchability: With Gitbooks’ built-in search features, you can quickly locate specific articles or sections, improving productivity and reducing the frustration of manual searches.
  • Facilitates Version Control: The platform’s version control functionality ensures that all users have access to the most current and accurate documents while maintaining a transparent update history.
  • Supports Collaboration: Gitbooks enables real-time collaboration among our leadership and committee members, streamlining future updates and making the editing process more efficient.

We encourage all members to review these documents and familiarize themselves with the updates. Your understanding and engagement with our governance framework help ensure that the Choteau Lions Club continues to operate with excellence, transparency, and dedication to our mission.