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Trip of the Month Raffle 30th Anniversary: Celebrating Community Support

The Choteau Lions Club extends its heartfelt gratitude to all supporters who have bought tickets for the ’23-24 Trip of the Month Raffle!

Proceeds from this initiative enable the Choteau Lions Club to subsidize the operating costs of the Choteau swimming pool, as well as support other civic and charitable endeavors within the Choteau community. This marks the 30th year of this project, and the unwavering dedication and support from the community and friends remain commendable. To date, over 315 dedicated supporters have bought tickets and contributed donations that will be allocated towards the Choteau pool’s expenses for 2024. The expenses for operating and upkeeping the pool rise annually. Members of the Choteau Lions Club, along with other volunteers, tirelessly work each year. Their efforts are not just limited to fundraising and maintaining pool equipment, but also encompass hiring and training staff, offering swimming lessons, and facilitating recreational activities for all age groups.

While the first winner has already been announced, tickets for the subsequent 11 monthly drawings are still up for grabs at a discounted rate. Those interested can reach out to any Choteau Lions Club member or make a purchase directly on our website: