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Trip of the Month Raffle 30th Anniversary: Celebrating Community Support

The Choteau Lions Club extends its heartfelt gratitude to all supporters who have bought tickets for the ’23-24 Trip of the Month Raffle!

Proceeds from this initiative enable the Choteau Lions Club to subsidize the operating costs of the Choteau swimming pool, as well as support other civic and charitable endeavors within the Choteau community. This marks the 30th year of this project, and the unwavering dedication and support from the community and friends remain commendable. To date, over 315 dedicated supporters have bought tickets and contributed donations that will be allocated towards the Choteau pool’s expenses for 2024. The expenses for operating and upkeeping the pool rise annually. Members of the Choteau Lions Club, along with other volunteers, tirelessly work each year. Their efforts are not just limited to fundraising and maintaining pool equipment, but also encompass hiring and training staff, offering swimming lessons, and facilitating recreational activities for all age groups.

While the first winner has already been announced, tickets for the subsequent 11 monthly drawings are still up for grabs at a discounted rate. Those interested can reach out to any Choteau Lions Club member or make a purchase directly on our website:

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District 37 LCIF Giving Initiative

Our Commitment for the New Lionistic Year

The Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) can play a pivotal role in our community’s development and well-being. In August 2023, the District noted that our contributions in the past year were slightly below the usual standards.

Yearly Goal:

The District has set an ambitious target of raising $41,000. With the collective strength of 59 clubs, they believe this goal is within reach.

How We Plan to Achieve This:

  • We encourage each club to contribute $100 every other month, leading to an annual contribution of $600 per club.
  • This collective effort will amount to $35,400 over six months from all clubs.
  • With additional contributions during our annual parade of green at the convention, we are confident in meeting, if not exceeding, our target.

Your Contribution Matters:

Every member’s consistent contribution, no matter how small, can lead to significant results over time. Whether it’s a couple of dollars during meetings or larger donations, every bit helps us inch closer to our goal.

LCIF Grants:

We also urge clubs to identify opportunities within their communities where an LCIF grant could make a difference. These grants can be instrumental in supporting local initiatives and projects.

Contact for More Information:

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Choteau Bandshell Progresses with Help from Lions Club and Community

The Choteau Lions Club has been working hard to bring a permanent bandshell stage to the Choteau City Park adjacent to the Choteau Pavilion and Community Center. After local musician and Lions Club member Rich Clough presented the idea, the City of Choteau agreed to a location, and the Lions received an outpouring of support from the community. Donations and pledges of financial support, including a generous donation from the First Bank of Montana, provided the Lions with the confidence that this project could be accomplished and would be a welcomed asset for the community.

Lions Rich Clough and Sean Darby led the fundraising and construction efforts, and progress has been steady. Last fall, a concrete stage was constructed, and during the fall and winter months, large timber support materials were purchased and milled in Western Montana. Once they were transported to Choteau, winter work was done indoors to get ready for erection of the shell framework.

Following the recent Choteau Chamber of Commerce Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the park, the timbers were transported to the park area, and Lions Club members completed sanding the timbers while Sean and Dave began the process of measuring, notching, and preparing the framework for its erection. Once the framing is up and secured to the concrete stage, it will be ready for roofing and enclosing the side walls. Electricity for lighting and music equipment outlets will then be installed.

The Lion’s Club hopes the Bandshell will be ready to use over the 4th of July weekend, and the community is welcome to watch the progress of the project during the next couple of months. Donations for the completion of this project are welcomed and would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made online or checks can be mailed to:

Choteau Lions Club
PO Box 633
Choteau, MT 59422

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Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, and Band Shell: Lions Club Makes Progress on Three Projects

First Bank of Montana-Choteau Vice President Karrie Crabtree and President Lyle Hodgskiss stand with Choteau Lions Club member Rich Clough last week at the site of the new permanent band shell being built this summer with a major $20,000 from the bank to start the project rolling. Acantha photo by Melody Martinsen

Back in 2017, the Choteau Lions Club launched a fundraising campaign through a hunting gun raffle in a bid to renovate the tennis courts situated across the street from the swimming pool. The initial target was to generate between $30,000 to $40,000 for the project, which was later revised upwards. With three more gun raffles in 2018, 2019, and 2021, the club managed to raise the required $40,000. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a delay in the renovation work due to rising costs.

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29th Annual Choteau Lions Pool Vacation Giveaway Project Begins

The 2022 swim season marks the 10th season for the new Choteau community pool since its completion and opening in 2013. The Choteau pool is unique. The pool is owned and partially funded by the city but it has been managed and financially supported by the Choteau Lions Club since the original pool was built in 1934. Annual fund-raising projects and hundreds of volunteer hours are needed each year. Most rural communities in Montana struggle to keep their pools open and some have even had to close. A pool is an important asset for the community providing recreational swimming, swim lessons, and a competitive swim team. However, a community swimming pool is not a profitable business. Pool revenue does not come close to covering the cost of operation, lifeguard wages, and pool maintenance. The Choteau pool could not stay open without the support of the Lions Club volunteers and continued community supported fund-raising projects.

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Trip of the Month Club Raffle Tickets Now Available!

Trip of the Month Raffle Tickets are now available. New this year, MORE ways to win! Everyone who buys a ticket is eligible for a second $100 prize drawing EVERY MONTH!

2019 is the 7th season for the new Choteau pool. Since the new pool opened in 2109, completion projects and additional improvements and repairs continue to be a work in progress.

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Supporting Our Tennis Courts

This October, the Choteau Lions Club voted to put forth the effort to re-surface our tennis courts, located across the street from the Choteau Lions Club Swim Pool.

The cost of resurfacing will be $60,000. $30,000 will be donated by local businesses. As a Club, we have committed $10,000 to the cause. To make the resurfacing happen, we need to fundraise an additional $20,000. Continue reading Supporting Our Tennis Courts