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District 37 LCIF Giving Initiative

Our Commitment for the New Lionistic Year

The Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) can play a pivotal role in our community’s development and well-being. In August 2023, the District noted that our contributions in the past year were slightly below the usual standards.

Yearly Goal:

The District has set an ambitious target of raising $41,000. With the collective strength of 59 clubs, they believe this goal is within reach.

How We Plan to Achieve This:

  • We encourage each club to contribute $100 every other month, leading to an annual contribution of $600 per club.
  • This collective effort will amount to $35,400 over six months from all clubs.
  • With additional contributions during our annual parade of green at the convention, we are confident in meeting, if not exceeding, our target.

Your Contribution Matters:

Every member’s consistent contribution, no matter how small, can lead to significant results over time. Whether it’s a couple of dollars during meetings or larger donations, every bit helps us inch closer to our goal.

LCIF Grants:

We also urge clubs to identify opportunities within their communities where an LCIF grant could make a difference. These grants can be instrumental in supporting local initiatives and projects.

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